Top Ten Books You Have Never Heard Of

Make It Stick - This book is a game changer for coaches and teachers. The premise is that learning doesn’t always feel like you are learning. In fact, often when you feel like you are learning, you are not. This book is at the top of a few of my lists because it completely turned what I thought I knew about teaching upside down. Make It Stick shows the research that shows that blocked practice does not allow learning to stick long term. Blocked practice is the kind of practice we are all used to—repitition again and again and again. In the moment, during the actual practice session, it will feel like learning is taking place, but it will not last. When you mix and interleave practice, it will feel like you are not making any progress, but that is the kind of practice that leads to long-term learning. How to apply this research is a large part of this book and imperative for any coaches or teachers trying to make learning stick long term.  Resilience - Written in the form of a series o